The double-sided special foil is unfolded and the deceased is placed inside. You close the film again and with the help of sealing tongs you simply heat-seal on all three sides. In a few minutes you will have the special foil 100% absolutely tightly sealed. The body can now be placed in any coffin.

The requirements of the Strasbourg Agreement of 1973 as well as the Berlin Agreement on the transfer of corpses in terms of airtightness are fulfilled 100% with the PHAROPACK foil coffin system. The cover should be removed just like a zinc coffin before burial.


This procedure is very stable, easy to X-ray and very easy to process. A pressure compensation valve is not required. A pressure compensation valve is not required.

This extremely flexible metal foil is completely impermeable to air and water due to its special structure of five layers after the sealing of a corpse, no odours or liquids can escape or penetrate.