The problem:

As an experienced undertaker for decades we have specialized six years ago in foreign transfers. With a flight transfer the weight always plays a role. Therefore we tried to keep the weight as low as possible in the interest of the customer. We often used coffins with a weight of only 19 kg, which could still be used for burial. But often the relatives also wanted higher quality coffins. But here no zinc coffin fitted in or had to be specially made. This often caused immense costs.

The innovation:

In 2010, we established contact with the manufacturer in the USA, who has been selling this process, which is patented there, quite successfully since 1995.

Due to the high freight costs from America, however, the film could previously only be offered at much higher prices in Europe and other countries. After years of recharging, we have now succeeded in producing this film ourselves in Germany, thus significantly reducing costs. We now exclusively produce this metal foil with incredible success.

Certainly we are still in its infancy with the marketing, but the product is completely mature and will have driven the zinc coffin completely off the market in the next 2-4 years. The development in America alone shows this. It has already been used several thousand times during the 9/11 in New York, the 2004 tsunami in Asia and the earthquake in Haiti in 2010.

The undertaker could hardly be lectured about the advantages.

Thanatologists, authorities, disaster relief organisations, hospitals, airlines and even relatives are enthusiastic about this new type of international transfer. The intra-European directives are important. These are laid down in the so-called Strasbourg Agreement of 26.10.1973.

Under article 6 paragraph 1 i) it is written: i) …and a carefully soldered inner coffin made of zinc or another self-decomposing material.  More legal information click here…