This very inexpensive alternative is intended for undertakers who organize 1-20 international transfers per year. The price of the sealer of only 35,- Euro plus VAT has already paid for itself after one transfer. With these pliers a slow and careful working is possible. The handling is simple, but not as efficient as with the large Pharopack pliers. Nevertheless, the metal foil can be sealed properly and securely in about 5 minutes. It is comparable to a normal straightening iron, but has a higher temperature.


These sealer is intended for professionals and is aimed at people who have to seal several corpses a day, such as in disaster relief operations.

The professional sealer with a purchase price of 289,- Euro plus MwSt is characterised by its low weight, the large seal width of 30 cm, the fast processing time and the short heating time. Experience has shown, however, that the variant for everyday use is perfectly adequate even for large-scale applications.